Con la receta tradicional,
pedidos por encargo.

km 246 de la A5 en sentido a Madrid.

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Starters, for sharing

Iberian ham 100% ibérico22,00 €
Iberian loin 100% ibérico22,00 €
Assortment of Iberian meats from Extremadura (Iberian ham, loin, chorizo and salchichón)21,50 €
Local cheese from Extremadura12,00 €
Grilled vegetables15,00 €
Torta del Casar (local creamy cheese) to dip with crystal bread27,00 €
Russian salad9,50 €
Fried bacon from Extremadura12,00 €
Our omelets, made on the spot
- Spanish omelet (potato and onion)7,20 €
- Potatoes with cheese from Extremadura8,50 €
- With codfish8,50 €
Creamy homemade croquettes (6 u.)9,60 €
- Iberian Ham
- Codfish with potato
- Granny style
- Crab
Assortment of croquettes (2 units of each)10,80 €
Crunchy crystal bread with extra virgin olive oil4,00 €


Salad “La Brasería” (lechuga, tomate, cebolla, bonito, huevo, espárragos y aceitunas)15,00 €
Salad with Iberian meats, gulas and seasoned shrimps18,70 €
Salad with goat cheese 14,50 €
Season tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil and fleur de salt8,00 €
Consomé4,50 €
Gazpacho7,50 €
Salmorejo7,50 €

Sandwiches and full dishes

Sandwich mixto (ham and cheese)5,00 €
Sandwich mixto with a fried egg6,20 €
Vegetable sandwich (lettuce, tomato, asparagus, boiled egg and mayonaise)7,80 €
Sandwich La Brasería (Chicken, bacon, tomato, cheese and a fried egg)12,50 €
Eggs La Brasería (Eggs with pork loin, peppers and potatoes)13,80 €
Eggs extremeños (With migas del pastor (traditional fried bread) y bacon)16,70 €
Eggs el viajero (with beef steak and potatoes)16,70 €
Poultry eggs with Iberian ham and French fries16,70 €

Bread 1,00 eur / person Prices with VAT included Open kitchen from 7:00 to 23:00

Meats grilled with wood

Beef ribeye45,00 €/kg
Assortment of Iberian pork meats (Secreto, presa y pluma)24,00 €
Beef Entrecot 25,00 €
Beef sirloin25,00 €
Crunchy Cochifrito (fried pork) with roasted potatoes20,50 €
Lamb roasted ribs22,00 €
Pluma ibérica (Iberian pork Steak)21,50 €
Presa ibérica (Iberian pork Steak)21,50 €
Secreto ibérico (Iberian pork Steak)20,00 €
Bacon Cheeseburger16,00 €
Mini bacon cheeseburgers (3 u.)13,70 €
Grilled chicken wings11,00 €
Morcilla patatera (Local sausage from iberian pork) grilled8,00 €
Ox tail stew20,00 €
Iberian pork cheeks stew with figs from Extremadura19,00 €
Partridge ravioli with truffle and mushrooms sauce13,20 €


Grilled octopus with ali oli24,00 €
Octopus “a feira” style (boied and seasoned with olive oil and paprika, served with boiled potatos)24,00 €
Codfish rolls17,70 €
Bacalao dourado (Codfish with eggs and fried potatoes)18,00 €
Hake in green sauce Koskera22,00 €
Grilled cuttlefish with ali oli sauce (garlic and parsley sauce)17,00 €


Crème caramel5,50 €
Homemade custard5,50 €
Extremadura figs Parfait with acorn liquor5,50 €
Assortment of icecream5,50 €
Homemade fondant chocolate cake6,60 €
Cheesecake New York style6,60 €

Cochifrito Menu

15,90 €

Daily menu

15,90 €

Bread 1,00 eur / person Prices with VAT included Open kitchen from 7:00 to 23:00

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